What is Chibi Chibi Con?

Chibi Chibi Con is an anime convention held annually by the Giant Robot Appreciation Society (G.R.A.S.) at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. It is free to attend and provides an opportunity for interested members of the community, local and otherwise to get together and celebrate our shared interest in Japanese Animation, as well as geek culture in general.

Convention Rules

1. Children under the age of 13 must be supervised at all times.
2. Children under the age of 17 may not view any of our “Mature/18+” showings without acquiring our convention wristbands for participants 18 and older. They can be found at the convention info table and proper id will be needed.
3. Be courteous and respectful to the campus, our staff, and convention attendees.
4. Turn off any potentially disruptive communication devices before entering Anime Rooms, Workshops, Presentations or Panels.


In 1992, the local tabletop gaming club decided to host a 3-day gaming and science fiction convention on campus named GeoCon. G.R.A.S. (still known as Evergreen Students for Anime back then) ran a room at the convention devoted to Japanese animation. This continued annually until 2000, when GeoCon collapsed under its own weight. In 2001 G.R.A.S. decided to continue the anime room as the foundation of its own convention,  named Chibi Chibi Con.  This year will be the 13-year anniversary of the convention. ^_^

Originally, we had thought to name it Chibi Con, but discovered that another convention (several, technically) already had that name. Our convention is not-for-profit, funded by an award from the campus Services and Activities board. It is run by volunteers, many of whom come from the college’s Japanese animation club.  While this gives us certain advantages, it also provides us with certain limitations. In the wake of GeoCon’s collapse, the idea was to help us remember the dangers of growing too big.