This forum is set up for attendees, volunteers, vendors, participants and enthusiasts of Chibi Chibi Con!

You can also discuss with members of the local club, Giant Robot Appreciation Society.

3 responses to “Forum

  1. The ball jointed dolls have gotten popular. They are an Asian product so are welcome to Anime Conventions. Some BJD’s look like huge anime action figures! (60cm) Could there be an area set up for the BJD crowd? I found out about ChibiChibiCon inside my program from 2009 Kumoricon.
    Just some tables and chairs are all that is needed. Some of these BJD’s are quite expensive and amazing works of art. is one example.

    Doll meets happen on a regular basis, one could be planned at ChibiChibiCon?

    • chibichibicon

      Yes, every walk of anime can have its place at ChibiChibi Con. I can secure a room for you, Last year we had a whole empty room and this year we plan on taking over even more rooms. Just give me some of your contact information and we can converse more on the matter. Or you can just email me at warlordkentax (a t)

  2. I think this forum was made years ago and unmoderated. I will make sure to make a new forum once the convention is over.

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