Location & Directions

ChibiChibi Con occurs each year at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.This year’s convention will be taking place in the Library Building.  From the library loop (where the buses come through), walk straight down the steps and look to your left.  The Lecture Halls are located in the big round concrete building to the left. Seminar II should be on your right and the Library Building should be straight in front of you.

For directions to Evergreen and a map of the campus, check here.

Paid parking can be found in parking lots B and C

By Bus: The InterCity Transit 41 route goes from downtown Olympia to the campus every half hour from 8:30am until 11:27pm. The Evergreen NightLine bus picks up again at midnight and keeps running downtown until 2:30am.

13 responses to “Location & Directions

  1. Hey is there a dealers room at the con? just wondering.

  2. Mason

    are you going to have gussets of honor,deals and events

  3. Patience Dumas

    ok so hey. I’m going to chibi chibi con in feb. And I was wondering if like the anime princess tutu was like part chibi. Sorry if the question is stupid. Well please write back. I need to get ready for the costumes

  4. No one needs to sign up to come? Just show up?

  5. Andrew Snelson

    I’m going to Chibi Chibi Con, and I was wondering what the average price range for stuff to buy there like souvenirs and how much money I should probably bring?

    • The con can not guarantee any of the prices in the vendors hall or the artists alley, but you should know that food at the con will likely run you $5-$10, and the maid cafe event will charge $5 for admission, so if you are interested in either of those things, you should factor those into your budgeting for the con. See you there!

  6. Isis

    How much is paid parking?

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