Are You Ready?

Hey everyone! how’s it going? The winter is pretty mild this year, but all this grey is starting to get me down… I wonder if I should get one of those spiffy lamps that’s supposed to help with your vitamin D…

Who am I kidding?

It’s three days to Chibi Chibi Con

Are you excited? I sure am! We’ve got a ton of neat stuff happening, and it’s all coming together perfectly in these days before the con (thanks almost entirely to our wonderful leadership).

Many of the faculty and staff at the college are long time fans of Chibi Chibi Con. I’ve talked with a couple of them; they’re excited.

The volunteers at the con are almost all students, passionate enough about making this con a success that they are willing to spend a very full day during one of the last weekends of the quarter doing this instead of anything else. We’ve been getting together and talking about Chibi Chibi Con for weeks now, and it’s pretty safe to say: they’re excited.

Our beautiful corporate partners, ARAMARK, are going to be turning one of their dining areas on campus into an Asian-fusion restaurant for the day, and I’ve talked to some of the staff; They’re excited.

How about you?

As a personal plug: I’m going to be leading a tai chi workshop for the first hour of the con. It’s going to be super nifty, you should participate!

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More Vendor Spaces Available

Hello everyone! I have good news for those of you who were disappointed to hear that we had run out of vendor spaces!

There are more openings for vendors

We talked with the facilities team, and we will have more tables available to us than we anticipated. This is great news! If you or someone you know is interested in reserving a vendor space, or two, or three…apply here for a space!

The rate for vendor spaces are as follows:

  • 4’x2.5′ space: $20
  • 6’x2.5′ space: $30
  • 8’x2.5′ space: $40

4′ and 8′ spaces are located in the center of the vendor space next to Artists and the 6′ tables are located on the outside of the vendor space with dealers and are located to a limited amount of electrical outlets.

For those who have already reserved a vendor table at the convention this year, you have the option of making an online payment. Follow this link. The link will be closed on Thursday February 21st before the convention, so if the payment is not made online before then, vendors will have to pay in person with cash or check.

see you at the con!

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Check us out on facebook

Now there’s an easy way to let us, as well as your friends, know that you’ll be at Chibi Chibi Con! The Chibi Chibi Con event! Invite your friends on facebook!

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Applying for Panels

Hello con-goers! It’s getting closer to our favorite time of year: Chibi Chibi Con is in Five weeks!

If you are thinking, “Man, I love going to the con, but I really wish there was some way for me to participate more.” or, “Geez, I wonder if there’s some way I can get a bunch of people in a room so I can tell them about this thing I really like.” boy, do we have an offer for you!

There is still time to apply to host a panel at Chibi Chibi Con!

Just fill out this form and email it to us (


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We’re going to Aki-con!

Hey there friends and supporters of the con! This weekend the Giant Robot Appreciation Society (that’s us!) is at Aki-con…as you may have gathered from the title of this post…If you’re also at the con, look for our panel on Sunday afternoon; we’ll be talking about Chibi Chibi con.

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