Convention Schedule

The schedule for Chibi Chibi Con 14 is here!

17 responses to “Convention Schedule

  1. Sarah

    Isn’t the 2011 one supposed to up?

  2. Tania

    I really hope you will have a 2013 shedule up BEFORE the actual event, some people actually plan ahead for this event and would like to know how to properlly arrange their time. Thanks :)

  3. Monica

    Approximately what time will this be starting and is it an appropriate event for families, children 10 or 11?

    • The con starts at 12pm on Saturday, February 23rd. The con is family friendly, but children under 13 will have to be accompanied at all times by an adult.

      See you at the con!

  4. Yodeling

    Hey! I was just wondering how large the crowd gets at the convention, just curious! Thanks. :)

  5. Tia

    Hi, I am new to cosplay events, and I’m wondering about the cosplay contests. Are there prizes or is it just for fun? I am eager to cosplay, and I will definitely be at the Con!

  6. Sandra

    Where will the vendor hall/Artist Alley be at and what hours will they be open???

    • The Vendors will be located in the 2nd floor on the Library Building and they will be open from 12pm-12am

    • The vendors and artists will be in the main lobby of the library building. Vendors and artists are welcome to show up AS EARLY AS 10:00am, but no earlier than that, in order to set up. The con starts at 12pm noon, and the vendors and artists are officially open for business at that time.

    • They will close when the con closes, at midnight. Be advised that many vendors choose to pack up earlier than that for various reasons, and that the con is not responsible for the vendors being open for the entire duration of the con.

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