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Chibi Chibi Con 2017’s date will be announced shortly!

We are a student-produced convention held at The Evergreen State College!

The Evergreen State College and the Giant Robot Appreciation Society look forward to welcoming you back to our campus for the 17th anniversary of our convention in 2017.

If there are any questions or suggestions for our upcoming event, feel free to contact us at evergreenchibicon@gmail.com or leave a post or message to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ChibiChibiCon/

Thanks for helping us make Chibi Chibi Con 2016 a resounding success. We look forward to making 2017 even better.


The Giant Robot Appreciation Society

15 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. hello! I inferstand you’re all students and you have other responsibilities, but I was wondering if you were posting the date of the con soon? I live a bit away and it takes at least 3 week in advance for planning and such, and you haven’t had updates since November! thank you!

  2. Hello, I hope you are having an amazing day! I was wondering if it would be alright if I made a CMV (Cosplay Music Video) at Chibi Chibi Con 2017. I most definitely understand if I am not allowed.

    1. To my knowledge that would be fine! Campus is a public space so as long as the CMV doesn’t depict anything federally illegal, including minors in sexual themes, then all should be well. I’m not sure what kind of CMV you’re planning, but always be sure to get people’s permission to post their likeness online! Thanks for asking!

  3. Hello! So this will be my first year going to chibi con and I was wondering what the 2017 dates is…. My friends said they would take me with them but I beef to figure out a cosplay first..
    Thanks a lot!!!

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