Apply to be on staff!

Thank you for your interest in being staff!

[If you are interested in being staff for cosplay, flex, or an event that has not been done before, please email us directly at]

Are you a big fan of Chibi Chibi Con? Have some unique experience running events? Want to make sure your favorite event keeps running for years to come? We need more people to keep our event growing bigger and bigger. You’ll get our volunteer perks which includes admission to our annual movie at CCC, Chibi Cafe tickets, and merch!

Wondering what exactly staff entails? No worries! If you join our staff team, you are leading or co-leading an event at Chibi Chibi Con and are very active in the making of Chibi Chibi Con. You will have the support of your Chibi Chibi Con Committee coordinators and resources and staff from The Evergreen State College, since we are an Registered Student Organization! We get resources from Student Activities, lots of office supplies, and we’ll supply the snacks! You can still be a student full time or work full time while being staff with Chibi Chibi Con. But being a student is not required!

Being a staff member also makes you apart of our new staff board, giving you access to opportunities to table at other conventions with us to advertise Chibi Chibi Con! Since this is 100% an unpaid position, we will sign off on any volunteer forms, and will work with you if you want to try to earn credit through an ILC at The Evergreen State College.

Not quite ready to be staff? Want to be involved more than just a day of volunteering, but have a lot on your plate? Don’t know your availability for the upcoming school year? No worries! Join our discord! . You will still get to be more involved without the commitment of being staff! We still need people to help screen AA/VR apps, assist with the Chibi Cafe, assist us with outreach and answering emails, make pins or cut stickers, and vote on next year’s movie!

[Image is old Chibi Chibi Con poster]