What Is Chibi Chibi Con?

Chibi Chibi Con (CCC) is a one-day anime convention held annually at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Chibi Chibi Con is hosted and produced by students from the GReener Anime Society (or GRAS, formerly the Giant Robot Appreciation Society), the anime club of The Evergreen State College and one of the college’s longest-running student groups. It is free to attend and provides an opportunity for interested members of the community, local and otherwise to get together and celebrate our shared interest in Japanese Animation, as well as geek culture in general.

Convention History
In 1992, the local tabletop gaming club decided to host a 3-day gaming and science fiction convention on campus named GeoCon. G.R.A.S. (then known as Evergreen Students for Anime back then) hosted a room at the convention devoted to Japanese animation. GeoCon continued annually until 2000, when the student-ran event collapsed under its own weight. In 2001 G.R.A.S. decided to continue the anime room as the foundation of its own convention. The event took on the new name, Chibi Chibi Con – a play on the Japanese word チビ (chibi) meaning ‘short person’ or ‘small child’. G.R.A.S. succeeded in reviving the convention with the new name to be reminder of GeoCon’s implosion and the dangers of growing too big. The convention is not-for-profit, funded by an award from the campus Services and Activities board. It is put together by students and run by volunteers, giving it advantages and limitations from this. Year by year, G.R.A.S has worked to improve the convention and attendance has thus grown, swelling to over 4,000 attendees in 2014. This year marks the convention’s 16th anniversary.

Featured image by AerieDere