Chibi Chibi Con 2022 Covid Info and Check-In

Covid Check In is at the COM Building Pathway, Enter through Parking Lot C’s Entrance

Chibi Chibi Con 2022 Covid Guidelines

  • Chibi Chibi Con will be checking for vaccination status at the check-in area. Attendees may not enter Chibi Chibi Con buildings until they’ve gotten a wristband proving vaccination.
  • Vaccination Cards, Pictures of the Front & Back of Vaccination Cards, and 48 Hour Negative Tests can all be used to get admittance.

    Please don’t use home test results for 48 Hour Negative Tests, get your test from a Doctor or Official Testing Site

    QR Code Covid Verification might be applicable in some cases (displays DOH Info), so bring your Vaccination Card or and Image of the Front and Back to be sure.
  • Masks are heavily encouraged, but not Required.
  • Children under the age of 12 aren’t required to be vaccinated, but must have a parent or guardian present at all times who is vaccinated.
  • Attempt to keep social distance while in lines and seating in panels.
  • Eating indoor isn’t permitted in the Artist Alley, Main Stage, or Panel Rooms.
    Eating is allowed in seating areas of the CAB building and Greenery. And, of course, everywhere outside!