Cosplay & Prop Guidelines

While no anime convention is complete without cosplay, Chibi Chibi Con reserves the right to deem a costume unacceptable and request the wearer to make modifications as necessary. These requests are to maintain the family-friendly environment and to not disrupt ongoing campus activities. Violation of the following can result in staff asking you to change or cover yourself. Failure to comply can result in ejection from the premises.

  • General Attire Rules

At minimum, all costumes must cover the areas of the body normally covered by a swimsuit. Thongs are not permitted with the exception of when worn over another garment that covers the genital and full buttocks region. Visible underwear must not be translucent, transparent or in any way see-through. Garments must fully cover breast, genital and buttocks area. (i.e. Kill La Kill transformation/kamui outfits that expose these areas with nothing under them are not allowed.) Any clarification questions can be directed to

  • Footwear

Due to public health and safety requirements, all attendees are required to wear approved footwear while in the convention space.

  • Props/Weapons

No firearms will be allowed on campus. This includes individuals who possess a weapons permit or concealed weapons permit. Anyone found in possession of such a weapon will immediately be turned over to campus and local authorities.

There will be a weapon’s check table or system at the con. Any prop considered dangerous will be confiscated or asked to be removed from campus.  Storing the dangerous prop in your vehicle is fine. Violating items will be subject to confiscation. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SWING OR FIRE ANYTHING AT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ON CAMPUS. Even with consent, there will be a zero-tolerance policy on this. Exception will be made for posing for photographs only in raising the prop to assume a pose. If you strike anyone intentionally or by accident, you alone will be responsible for any legal repercussions. Chibi Chibi Con and The Evergreen State College assume no responsibility for assault charges brought upon you by these actions. Use the following guidelines to assist you in evaluating your cosplay prop for it’s suitability.

Metal Weapons: All weapon props made of heavy metal with ANY blade, containing any live steel or deemed to be a blunt force object are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Light metals with no sharp edges such

Other materials: Weapons made of paper-mache, plastics (worbla, wonderflex, sintra etc.), or any other material must not possess sharp tips or edges. If you can pop a balloon with it with little force, you should not bring it.

Gun props: Gun props should be discernably fake from a great distance. Orange safety tips are required on any gun resembling a real one. Nerf guns and water guns are permitted as long as they do not have ammunition. AIRSOFT GUNS ARE NOT ALLOWED, REGARDLESS IF LOADED OR NOT. NEVER point any gun prop at yourself or another attendee.

Paddles: Permitted if sold by vendors. Treated as any other prop. DO NOT STRIKE ANYONE OR ANYTHING WITH THEM.

Bows: You may have them strung for photo purposes, but under no circumstances should you draw it (pull on the string). Arrows etc. may be a part of your costume, but may NOT contain metal or sharp edges.

If vendors sell weapons or props that are not in compliance, the purchased item MUST be taken to a car or off premises immediately.

Keep in mind, campus and local police will assume all drawn weapons or props are functional, and will act accordingly. If you are unsure whether your prop is acceptable in the convention space, please consult the info desk or e-mail Matt at



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