Artists and Vendors

If openings become available, we will announce it.


The Giant Robot Appreciation Society provides space for selling, merchandising, and advertising of goods and services during the anime convention: ChibiChibi Con. Private vendors, individuals, and student businesses may reserve space in the Library Lobby (Lib 2000) for these purposes. This is a service that is provided to the convention goers to improve the quality of the convention.

Space is provided on a first come, first serve basis.

The following tables are available as of 1/12/15 at 4:45 PM:

Half of an 8’x2.5′ table (4’x2.5′) Plus the area behind it.


A full 8’x2.5′ table, plus the area behind it.


Half of a 12’x2.5′ table (6’x2.5′) Plus the area behind it.


A full 12’x2.5′ table, plus the area behind it. To reserve a 12′ table, request to reserve two 6′ tables.


You may rent more than one table, but be aware that reserving tables of varying sizes will lead to having tables in different locations in the dealer’s hall.

This fee is non-refundable. The Vending table, seating, and area is reserved for the FULL-DAY of the event. All reservations may be paid for in advance or on the day of the event, Saturday, February 23rd, 2013. If you have reserved a space and cannot come, please contact the Giant Robot Appreciation Society so that we can provide the space to another party.
Loading and unloading of vendor goods must be done from the library loading dock behind the library or the Library Loop, across Red Square from the library. Vehicles must be moved to one of the campus parking lots when loading/unloading is complete. DRIVING ONTO RED SQUARE FOR ANY REASON WITHOUT PERMISSION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

The library loading dock is at the end of Geoduck Lane, see our website for directions.

The following types of vending and practices are prohibited: health screenings, psychic readings, tarot card reading, counseling services, food sales, the burning of candles or incense, and the sale of items prohibited on school campuses by the Revised Code of Washington Please remember that Evergreen maintains a “fragrance-free” campus and smoking is also in designated locations only.  For designated smoking areas, please visit
The Evergreen State College, Student Activities, and their constituents are not liable for any damage or loss of merchandise or other items brought on campus.

This form must be completed and submitted before the day before the convention on February 13, 2013. Spaces are first come first serve. Please use an active e-mail address, as this is how you will be contacted to let you know if your application was approved.

Please submit all checks with a copy of this form to:

Giant Robot Appreciation Society
Student Activities – CAB 313
Olympia, WA 98505

Checks should be payable to:
“The Evergreen State College”

Your reservation is tentative until we are in receipt of this form.

7 thoughts on “Artists and Vendors

  1. Will there be food vendors there? If so,are the profits for the college? I own local restaurant (Paco’s Tacos) and quite a few anime customers suggested me look into setting up a booth as I do at the Thurston County fair and Ethnic Celebrtion every year.

  2. i can’t wait, i was a vendor last time and you guys were so very kind. im hoping to be a vendor again this year and am looking foreword to more awesome experiances.

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