Emergency Plans

Mass shooting/casualty event

Is this a mass casualty event? In the event of a mass casualty event you may hear: Screams Gunshots Three short high-pitched whistles–all volunteers are equipped with whistles and, in the case of a legitimate mass shooting/casualty event, will whistle three times. You may see people fleeing. What to do in a mass casualty event If you … Continue reading Mass shooting/casualty event

Fire alarm/emergency exit alarm

Fire Alarm: If the fire alarm is activated, immediately exit the building using designated evacuation routes and proceed to designated evacuation site (see below). DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS! Be sure to take your personal belongings (coat, purse, keys, backpack, medication), providing they are readily close at hand. Encourage others to leave with you. Go … Continue reading Fire alarm/emergency exit alarm


If you witness a theft, please report immediately to the nearest volunteer, the info booth, or Police Services at 360-867-6832. We will file a report and pursue the thief if possible. Please report missing items you believe may have been stolen to Police Services as well.

Harassment or sexual assault

If you have been sexually assaulted, or have been a witness to sexual assault, please reach out immediately to the nearest volunteer, the info booth, Police Services at 360-867-6140, or 911. Staff (if contacted) can help you move to a safe space, file a police report (if desired), and explore legal actions you can take. … Continue reading Harassment or sexual assault

Missing persons

If you can’t find someone you arrived with, please contact the nearest volunteer, the info booth, or Police Services at 360-867-6832. For missing persons that you fear may have been abducted, missing children (13 and under), or at risk adults, staff will contact Police Services and all volunteers to begin a search. For missing minors (over the age … Continue reading Missing persons

Lockdown alarm

In the case of an emergency, Evergreen may initiate a lockdown alarm. In this situation, all building doors will lock in a way that allows exit, but not entrance. You are advised to stay inside and keep away from windows. Watch Chibi Chibi Con social media, like Twitter, for updates on the situation.