Events, Panels & Contests

Events related to 2017 will be posted in late January – early February 2017. Chibi Chibi Con 2o17 will be announced in January 2017, Winter Quarter at the Evergreen State College.

Here’s some events we had last year! Interested in hosting a panel in 2017? Apply Here!  Want to help run a major event? Sign up as a volunteer here OR email us at

Chibi Chibi Con 2016 Events

Cosplay Contest:  Want to show off your costume? Maybe see if your cosplay can win a prize? Enter the Cosplay Contest now! We will NOT be taking on site applications, so sign up here! Pre-judging for contestants begins at 1:30pm and the contest begins at 2:30pm on the Main Stage in the Back Bay of the Gym.

Maid Café: Want a place to socialize and get a snack? Want to be served by some cute staff? Cute staff dressed as maids and butlers? Well the maid café’s for you! Admission is $5 per person and you will be served a tea of your choice and a couple snacks. Starts at 4:00pm and goes to 6:00pm in SEM II C1107.

Ramen Eating Contest: Do you think you have the ability to eat more hot ramen than anyone else? Or do you just want a free meal? Sign-up for the ramen eating contest! Note: You may not bring ice, water, or anything to stick into your ramen to cool it down. This is a hot ramen eating contest not a lukewarm ramen eating contest. The final round will consist of spicy ramen. The winner will receive MORE RAMEN!! Starts at 7:00pm and goes to 8:00pm on the Main Stage in the Back Bay of the Gym.

Video Game Rooms:  Come play some fun multiplayer video games with Evergreen’s Student Video Game Alliance! Want to show off your skills in a tournament? They have those too! Pokemon, SSB Melee, and SSB4 tournaments will be available for sign up starting at 12:oopm.  The Student Video Game Alliance will be located in SEM II C4105.  If you have any questions concerning the tournaments send them to or follow their Facebook group.

Gaming Room:Play some board games with Evergreen’s Gaming Guild! Play Munchkin, Dixit, King of Tokyo, and many more! Located in SEM II B2105, from 12:00pm to 5:00pm.
Relaxation Room + Cosplay Repair: This room is a safe place to come and calm down from the stress the con may have on you. We will also have some cosplay repair supplies available. Note: this is not a daycare and leaving a child for us to take care of will result in the child being taken to police services. Opens around 12:00pm in CRC room 109.

Dance Party: This year our dance will be hosted by a fellow TESC Club, The Electronic Music Collective!  Featuring Biome (Thomas Bascue) and HimeHime as DJs.  Starting at 9:00pm and ending at 12:00pm, in the Back Bay of the Gym.


Evergreen Vocal Ensemble: Start off Chibi Chibi Con with a performance from another Evergreen club, the Evergreen Vocal Ensemble! 12:00pm on the Main Stage in the Back Bay of the Gym.

Animated Disney Quote Game:  Think you know your Disney animated movies word-for-word? Come test your chops against other attendees who feel they know-it-all in a fun game of audience versus audience! Starts at 12:00 in SEM II B1107

Cosplay as a Business: Come join the founders of cosplay based businesses, Cosbox, Cospix, and a guest crafter /commissioner as they share their experiences, trials, and helpful advice about starting up in the community. Prizes, swag, and q&a!  12:00pm in SEM II B1105

It’s not Spandex! A Super Sentai encyclopedia: A brief history of Super Sentai from its origins to the current season. We will be including visual analysis, script development, and social response to the franchise.  1:00 in SEM II B1105

Asian Ball Jointed Doll Meet & Greet: Please feel free to come down for an open panel about Asian Ball Jointed Dolls. A staple of mainstream Japanese Culture since 1999 when Volks made the first ever commercially produced bjd. Now it is a much larger hobby with sculptors from all over the world making these resin dolls. We are open for hobbyists and non hobbyists alike, come look upon these gorgeous dolls it will be quite the variety, and have your questions answered.  1:30 in SEM II B1107. PLEASE NOTE: This panel is 15+

Sweets and Snacks of Japan: Ever wondered what there is to eat in Japan? Come learn about snacks and delicious candies with Cat and Marvelous! We’ll be talking about yummy foods, and weird foods as well! 3:00 in SEM II B1105

Poetry In Any Verse: Poetry is prevalent in all that we love, is it not? This panel examines the poetry within pop culture. Starts at 3:00 in SEM II B1107.

The Colors of Cosplay! 

Anime Jeopardy:  A team game of Jeopardy. Do you know your anime? Compete against your fellow con-goers!  Starts at 4:00 in SEM II B1107.

Filking Around:  We will create a filk to honor this convention! Starts at 5:00 in SEM II B1107.

Start making props with thermal plastic! Intro panel to using thermal plastics, worbla, foam to make props, jewelry and armor. we will start with basic tools needed then venture into examples of show and tell, and end with open FAQ and hand on try out with this awesome material! Starts at 5:00 in SEM II B1105.

Advance Costume Design: Translating a sketch into a wearable design:  Anna will walk you through the basic process – from making your own pattern to choosing the right fabric, all in making the perfect costume for you! There will also be a Q&A session at the end of the panel. Starts at 6:00 in SEM II B1105.

So You Want To Be A Game Designer:  Do you want to make video games, but don’t know where to start? Do you make games already, but want some advice? Do you want to talk to the designers of Dwarf Fortress and PunchQuest? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, this is the panel for you! [Featuring Zach & Tarn Adams of Bay 12 Games, Kepa Auwae of Rocketcat Games]  Starts at 6:30 in SEM II B1107.

Chibi Chibi Lip Sync Battle!:  Pick a song and put on your boogie shoes because you will be lip syncing your heart out in front of an audience and a small group of judges! This is an all ages panel so please try to keep it PG/PG13. You will be judged based on your stage presence, choreography (if you have any) and how well you are synced with your chosen song! Starts at 7:30 in SEM II B1105.

Whos your werewolf?  In the quaint little college of Evergreen people have gathered together for a festival celebrating stories little do they know that a dark menace lurks in the shadows of the trees yearning for blood under the full moon.  Starts at 9:00 in SEM II B1107.