AMV showcase (18+)

Chibi Chibi Con 2020 18+ Showcase

We must have enough submission to run an 18+ showcase, if enough aren’t submitted we will contact and announce cancellation.

These rules are for our 18+ showcase. This is not a contest, and there are no prizes–it’s still a fun time, though! If your AMV could be considered PG-13, you can enter our contest.

This is our space to show AMVs that are above PG-13; too violent, with too many swear words in the music, or with a bit more than brief nudity. Please keep in mind, however, that this is not for erotic AMVs. We’ll let you know if your submission crosses a line.


➧Action/Rhythm    ➧Romance/Drama    ➧Comedy/Humor

Basic Rules:

➧Submissions must be created by the person/group applying for the contest.
➧No more than 2 entries per person/group over both the PG-13 contest and the 18+ Showcase. For example, you can submit two videos for the contest, two for the showcase, or one for each.
➧Contestants must be 18 or older.
➧By submitting an entry to CCC the 2020 AMV Contest you confirm that your submission is your own work and give CCC and G.R.A.S the rights to screen, edit, duplicate, alter, and distribute your entry with no expectation of compensation. We will not show your works outside of the contest year.
➧Keep length of submissions between 80 seconds to 6 minutes.
➧In line with our general convention policies, we allow no content that portrays discrimination in a positive light.
➧A majority of each AMV must consist of an Anime/Manga artstyle.
➧A majority of the audio must be music.
➧Entries must not contain uncut clips more than 10 seconds long. Edit like you mean it.
➧No watermarks, credits, or references to other cons. Subtitles may be included but must be accurate to the dialogue.
➧Must not have been premiered before April 2019.
➧Follow all technical requirements. (See below)


Technical Requirements:

➧All Entries must be sent in a mp4. File, under 225mb, with at least one second of white or black frames at the beginning and end of your entry.
➧We recommend 1080p and 720p, but will go down to 480p.

➧Remove all Technical Flaws, including…

➧Squished Ratios
➧Blocky Video
➧Blurry Video
➧Jagged Lines
➧Anything that can trigger epilepsy.
➧Audio Distortion
➧Low Sample/Bit Rate
➧Pitch or Speed Adjustment that doesn’t run throughout. Vaporwave and Nightcore don’t break this rule.
➧Low Levels/Volume. Normalize a -0.5db peak.
➧Levels that Clip or are too loud. No Ear Bleed.
➧Audible breaks or jumps.