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[image of 2019 cosplay contest, photo from @tearex.cosplay]

Online Registration: Chibi Chibi Con Cosplay Contest 2023

Registration is limited in space. Please read our rules below before applying with the link.

Pre-Judge line up*: TBD

Contest Start Time: TBD


Rookie: the first area of cosplay contests! A bit more relaxed on judging-not as intense as the judging for intermediate or master. Please have at least 50% of your cosplay handmade for this category.

Intermediate: This category will be for cosplay contest regulars who feel like they are not ready for Masters, but want to have more intense judging than rookie. If you have won two or more rookie categories or equivalent, please join this group. Please have at least 75% of your cosplay handmade for this category.

Master: This category is for past CCC cosplay contest winners and advanced cosplayers. If you have won best in show at a cosplay contest before, or two 1st place intermediate or equivalent, please join this category. Like intermediate, please have at least 75% of your cosplay made.


  1. Cosplay Contest registration is online only.  No on-site registration will be accepted.
  2. Fill out your entry forms clearly, and do not skip portions. If you worry your character name or stage name will be mispronounced, feel free to include phonetic pronunciation to the side of it. The MC’s will double check your name pronunciation when lining you up for pre-judging.
  3. There will be a cap of 30 slots for our Cosplay Contest this year for all contestants. We will have 10 slots set aside for waitlist. There are no on-site registrations, so please register as soon as possible to ensure your place in our contest. Once our 30 spaces are filled up there will be no more openings as any contestants that drop out prior to day of will have spaces taken by our waitlist. 
  4. If for any reason you have questions or concerns about your entry, please contact the Cosplay Contest representative at
  5. We will close applications for Chibi Chibi Con on TBD.

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Participants must submit a completed entry form in order to participate in the Cosplay Contest.
  2. The contest is open to all Chibi Chibi Con attendees for free, regardless of whether the entrant made the costume they are wearing or not. The contest is open to all character costumes regardless of origin – anime, television, video game, live action, original designs etc. The only rule is all costumes must adhere to the rules and policies of the convention.
  3. ALL entries must be a person in costume. Costumes for or on dolls, puppets, other inanimate objects or animals cannot be accommodated.
  4. You may enter as a group, but the limit is 5 people. To fill out the application as a group, in the character section start with “Group” followed by the characters.  (eg.: Group with Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven.)
  5. Costumes MUST cover areas normally covered by swimsuits or underwear – i.e. breasts, genitals and buttocks. Thongs are not permitted. For safety reasons, you must have footwear at ALL TIMES. If your character does not wear shoes, lack of accuracy will be forgiven.
  6. Chibi Chibi Con’s 2022 Cosplay Contest will be catwalk format only. We are unable to accommodate skits. Each contestant will have 30-45 seconds to cross the stage, pose, and display their costumes for the audience and photographers, then exit the stage. Contestants will not be given a mic for any reason. We will provide music and cannot accommodate music brought by contestants. Our MC can mention things of note cosplayers add to their application early on if requested!
  7. All contestants must be present for line up approximately one hour before the Contest. Show up early if possible to be given time to line up in order of the number you received at registration as well as time to check the stage and practice walks prior to the contest. A 15-minute leeway will be given to enter the main event room for contestants, but entry will be closed at 12:30pm after to begin pre-judging. Failure to be present for lineup will result in disqualification with no exceptions. All small children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  8. A staff member with a list of all contestant names will be at the contest entryway to direct you inside. Further directions for contestant seating and stage rules will be given before the contest starts. Questions and concerns may be asked at this time, however if there is any accommodations you need for help on stage as well as off please let us know before-hand in an email or on your application form.
  9. The awards will be as follows: 1 prize for each category, judges will give a judges’ choice award as they see fit, and a best in show
  10. Please provide at least one reference photo
  11. Contestants will be judged on overall quality of the costume, stage presentation, as well as presence and interpretation of the character.
  12. All contestants must enter and exit the stage at the designated areas and nowhere else. We cannot permit any jumping on or off stage, throwing of objects, offensive language, political statements or gestures or any other activity that is against convention policy or would otherwise disturb the convention’s family friendly environment.
  13. Costumes must be self-contained. (i.e. your costume cannot have any wire or electrical hook-ups to wall sockets.) Due to safety concerns, NOTHING may be thrown, sprayed or otherwise projected by contestants at anyone or anything (to include one another) while on stage. Props should NEVER leave a contestant’s hands while on stage.
  14. Failure to comply with these or any other Chibi Chibi Con staff instructions will result in disqualification. Severe infractions can result in ejection from the premises. Our goal is to have fun in a safe, fun contest in a family friendly environment! Thank you for your cooperation.


Any contest questions before the convention can be directed to

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