FAQ for artists and vendors

When will Chibi Chibi Con 2018 occur?

 February 10th, 2018. You can sign up for our email list here to know immediately when the date has been released each year.

What applications are open as of now?

Volunteer applications are currently open until the day February 7th, 2018,  as our final volunteer orientation will take place on the 9th (the day before con).

Maid Cafe applications for maids and butlers are open until January 25th, 2018.

Panel applications are open until January 27th, 2018 and are first-come-first-serve.

Lip-sync Contest applications are open until February 7th, 2018.

Cosplay Contest applications are open until  February 7th, 2018.

The BNHA Cafe is not open for application. AA/VH applications are also closed and all 2018 applicants have been emailed at this time. Our annual poster contest is closed, you can see our 2018 winner here!

Find out more details about all of these both on the sites linked as well as our events page!

Where can I find food on campus?

There are several dining options around campus:
The Greenery on the CAB Building first floor, buffet dining open 11:00AM to 2:00PM and 5:00PM to 8:00PM
The Market Place on the CAB Building second floor, selling pizza, burritos, coffee, fruit, and prepared foods like sandwiches. Open 7:30AM to 6:00PM.
Einstein Bros Bagels in SEM II B first floor, selling bagels, drinks, and other breakfast/lunch fare. 8:30AM to 2:30PM.
P.O.D. Market in HCC by housing, selling assorted snacks and food staples. Microwaves available here. 12:00PM to 8:00PM.
Restaurant hours may be inaccurate; we’re looking into what their hours for CCC will be.

Are furries allowed at this convention?

Yep! Just make sure that if you’re wearing a mask over your face or head you can remove it quickly if asked by Evergreen police services.

Why can’t you release the date for CCC earlier?

We would love to release the date ASAP each year, but certain paperwork must be approved by Evergreen before the date is released, and much of that paperwork cannot be accessed until the fall quarter. We understand how frustrating this can be, but hosting the event at Evergreen is what allows it to be free for everyone. Thanks for your understanding!