5/25/2017 – MAILING LIST!

If you wish to be added to our 2018 mailing list for artists and vendors, please enter your email into this form! Thank you all very much!


1/24/2017 – DATE ANNOUNCED!

The event will be taking place on February 18th in Evergreen’s CRC and SEM II Buildings!


Thank you for all who applied! Confirmation e-mails will be sent out soon. We’ll see you all soon!


News about the maid cafe and the cosplay contest coming soon!

Please bear with us as we figure out the kinks this year. Expect more updates! As always, check out the facebook!


12/28/2016 – Very sorry for the delay in table registration and official date announcement! Hopefully the date will be available to the public soon!

TABLE REGISTRATION IS OPENING VERY SOON! Either later today or early tomorrow! Keep your eyes peeled and tell your friends so you don’t miss out. As always, CCC’s artist alley and vendor hall is on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED registration basis! While we don’t yet know how many spaces will be available, we can tell you that there will be :

  • Card tables (roughly 2 feet squared) for 20$
  • 6 foot tables for 30$ and
  • 8 foot tables for 40$

However, we have several forms up and ready to go already including:

In addition to all of this, keep an eye and ear out for maid cafe and cosplay contest sign-ups!

As always, check out the facebook for more frequent updates!

Be sure to check out and like our Facebook page for faster updates!

1/18/2016 – Get ready to mark your calendars! We are happy to announce our official Chibi Chibi Con date for 2016 AND our winner of the poster contest!
Chibi Chibi Con 2016 will be on Saturday the 13th of February!
This years poster contest winner was Soren Kalla!http://www.sorenkalla.com/
Big thanks to everyone who participated in the contest this year!
More information on applications and events for Chibi Chibi Con 2016 will be released soon.

11/09/2015 – If you are a vendor/artist that would like to be notified via email of when applications for dealer’s hall/artist alley are available, please email us at evergreenchibicon@gmail.com

We will add you to a mailing list.

11/03/2015 – Hello~! Because we’re hoping to expand a bit this time around, we’re going to need some help! So we’d like to know who would be interested in volunteering at this year’s Chibi Chibi Con? What better way to make sure it improves than to get involved, Am I right? Right now we’re just seeing how many would be interested, applications will come later. So like this status (only the original one) and share it to other people to spread the word!

10/15/2015 – We are not accepting artist alley or vendor applications at this time. We will notify everyone when they will be open. We’re sorry for the delay but we do not have the application date at this time.

09/25/2015 – Ok everyone, it looks like there will possibly be some big changes happening this year. But we want to hear from you; what do you want to see happen at Chibi Chibi Con 2016? What do you want to get from this con experience? The artist alley expansion and cosplay repair station are already being considered.


5 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. Hi! I was wondering if there was any update on the date? I have to attend a play I am in on the 14th so my schedule will be flipped if it falls then! XD Though Im sure rearrangements can be made… Just curious!

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