Lip-Sync Battle (18+)

Chibi Chibi Con Lip Sync 18+ Applications

Registration is first come first serve and closes once slots are full. Please read our rules below before applying with the link below!


  1. Group lip-syncs of over two people will unfortunately not be allowed, but our contest is open to pairs/duos!
  2. Entry is limited to one (1) entry per person/group.
  3. Please keep song choices under four minutes in length. We also ask that you send us a Youtube link of the song you have chosen in your application.
  4. Cosplay is not required of contestants, however, it is highly encouraged!
  5. While this is an 18+ event, your cosplay and props MUST follow guidelines shown in our cosplay rules, no exceptions.
  6. All contestants must enter and exit the stage at the designated areas and nowhere else. We cannot permit any jumping on or off stage, throwing of objects, or discriminatory language.
  7. Contestants will be judged on lip-syncing, choreography, and stage presence by panel of three judges so get hype!
  8. Winners will include 1st, 2nd, and judges’ choice!
  9. The contest time is TBA, but we do ask contestants to arrive half an hour before for role call, as well as sound and stage checks.
  10. Please apply with at least two song choices to avoid overlap. Applications are first-come-first-serve and you may be asked to perform your second song if a previous contestant has already chosen it.
  11. Contest applications will close online a week before con! This will allow us to comb through all the applications and send out confirmation prior to con. We do have limited slots, so be sure to apply as soon as possible.

If you have any more questions about song choice or otherwise, let us know at

Featured photo by Cindy W, featuring VulpineBones.