Location & Directions

ChibiChibi Con occurs each year at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.

This year, the convention will be located in the Costantino Recreation Center (CRC) and the Sem II buildings.

Walking Directions from Bus Loop/B & C Lots
Whenever you enter from the bus loop, you’ll head straight to the buildings that’ll be located to your right, there will be a sign that says “Seminar II building”. Take the steps or ramp down to the first floor and continue straight.  The CRC is the building with the amphitheater of steps out front.

If you parked close to the COM Building in C Lot, you can just follow the building and find yourself right at the top of the steps to the CRC.

MAP OF CAMPUS – AREA MAPTESC Offical Driving Directions

Parking is available in B and C lots, and is free on the weekends.

By Bus:  The Intercity Transit Route 41 and Route 48 goes from downtown Olympia to the campus every half hour from 8:30 am until 11:27pm (9:40pm for Route 48).  Route 48 will take a little longer as it stops at the Capital Mall.  The Evergreen Nightline bus starts at midnight (12:ooam) and runs until 2:30am.


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