[inflateablepikachu] 2019 cosplay by wlsalaska (5)Thinking about bringing your kids to Chibi Chibi Con? Maybe they’re thinking about coming on their own? That’s a great idea! As a college convention, we work very hard to make Chibi Chibi Con a family-friendly event that welcomes the whole community. Please read on to learn about our rules for certain age ranges and our resources during con.

Kids under the age of 13
Our younger attendees should have an adult (whether that’s a parent, sibling, or other trusted guardian) with them at all times while they’re exploring Chibi Chibi Con.

Teens from 13 to 15
Attendees who are a bit older, but not yet driving, can explore the campus by themselves–as long as an adult responsible for them is present somewhere on campus and aware of their activities.

Teens 16 and over
If they’re old enough to arrive and leave by themselves, they’re old enough to attend alone. Please still make sure to check up on them via text or phone call while they’re attending. Teens 16 and older can also volunteer if parents sign a form. They recieve cool perks like free merch, free ticket to our movie screenings, and free admission to the Chibi cafe. We will sign off on any school required volunteer forms!


Chibi Chibi Con rules
Cosplay & prop guidelines
Directions to campus
Missing persons

[Cosplay and image from @wlsalaska]