Artist and Vendor Applications


Artist Applications are Closed!

Please read our policies before applying.

Thank you for those who applied!

Prices for artists: $60, $40 for TESC students/alum (proof required) for 6-foot tables.

Prices for vendors: $60 for 6-foot table. $140 for 12 foot-table.

Please note, artists should have prepared:
– A link to an online portfolio (see below)
– A picture of a past con table setup if applicable, or, for first-timers, a mock-up table.

We treat every application as if it’s your first, past artists will not be given special treatment if they skip steps in the application process.

This portfolio link MUST be to a public Google Drive folder, Deviantart GALLERY FOLDER, Imgur, Storenvy, Tictail, Bigcartel, other online store sites, or personal website.

Instagram and other social media site profiles are subject to being moved straight to the waiting list.

– Showcase a variety of the work you’re most proud of
– Provide pictures of physical merchandise that are close up, well lit, and clear
– Provide minimum 10 pieces of work or, if using a larger portfolio (which is totally fine), make sure your best work is at the front

– Use Facebook, a Facebook page, Instagram, Deviantart ACCOUNT PAGE, Dropbox, or your Twitter
– Provide ONLY table shots or shots of merch from a distance
– Use blurry and/or dark pictures
– Provide a link we are locked out of (for example, you link to a google drive folder we don’t have permission to view)
– Provide a link to an account shared with images of work you don’t plan to sell; we DO check the whole portfolio against our plagiarism guidelines (

Vendors should have prepared:
– A link to a gallery with photos of their merchandise. Please avoid Facebook or Twitter if possible–just several pictures of their merch hosted somewhere like Imgur, Google Drive, or their website.
– A picture of a past con table setup if applicable, or, for first-timers, a mock-up table.

This Artist Alley and Vendors Row is partial reviewed, partial first-come-first-served. So the order in which you apply matters.

[Artists from 2019 AA photo taken by @jhakuarts]

2 thoughts on “Artist and Vendor Applications

  1. chibichibicon says:

    1. The 6ft table depth is apx. 2ft, and the space behind the table will be at least 4ft-5ft, shared with the table row behind you.
    2. All tables are next to tables of the same size. So you will have a 12ft section or 6ft table next to you reserved by another vendor or artist.

  2. chibichibicon says:

    You do not have to be enrolled at The Evergreen State College to apply to be a artist or vendor. There will be a similar application process for next year, but be sure to email us at asking to be on the mailing list for artists and vendors so you will be notified of when the applications are open.

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