Panel Applications

2020 Panel submissions are closed. Follow our social media and get info on our openings for 2021!


  • Returning panelists welcome!
  • To host a panel you must be at least 16. If you are 16-17 you must have a parent/legal guardian present!
  • Your panel can be for all ages or 18+, just let us know so we can have a volunteer ID attendees. If it is 18+ it will likely be done later in the evening.
  • Professors are encouraged to apply.
  • If you need it, you must bring your own computer to the event.  We cannot rent any computers for your use.
  • You must show up to your panel at least 15 minutes before it’s scheduled so you may set up for your event.
  • You cannot have your panel run longer than what you requested. If you want to wait for more people to show up to your panel that is fine, but you must end at your allotted time. This is to make sure the next panelists have time to set up and start.
  • Please contact about any other questions!

Photo from and panel by mama.marcy.cosplays

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