Plagiarism and Bootleg Policy

We take plagiarism and bootlegging very seriously! Report policy breaking here.

Plagiarism policy:

If art or merch in the AA is determined to have been plagiarized, traced, or copied from someone else’s art, official art, or merchandise, the artist selling it will be expelled from the AA.

To artists:

Fanart is fine–it simply must be YOUR art (your lines and layout) that you are selling. You may not sell another’s work translated into a new medium (e.g. perler bead art of official game sprites, art made with stencils cut directly from anime or game screenshots, or paintings of someone else’s photographs). You may not sell art that is directly redrawn (copying lines, pose, or background, etc) from the art of another or an “official” source. Exceptions are made to this in the case you have permission from the creator.

In summary:
Art that is copied directly from someone else’s work = Please don’t sell at Chibi.
Art that you drew or created yourself (including fanart, art of characters from anime, games, etc.) = YES! Totally okay!

If an artist is found to be in violation of this rule, they may be ejected or banned at our discretion.


Bootleg policy:

If a merchant is found to be selling physical merchandise impersonating a brand or replicating a copyrighted design (like unauthorized plushies, figures, or apparel) or unauthorized copies of digital content (like CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, or video games) they may be ejected or banned at our discretion.