Convention Policies

Thank you for checking our convention policies and rules. We ask that all attendees please read and abide by our policies to ensure a safe and fun environment for all!

Check the links below for details:

Code of Conduct and Convention Rules

Cosplay and Prop Guidelines

Vendors and Artist Alley Guidelines

Vendors and Artist Alley FAQ

Reporting Policy Break

7 thoughts on “Convention Policies

  1. A Concerned Cosplayer says:

    Hello! I was planning on doing a cosplay, but in order to I must ask: are masks allowed in the convention space? Please do respond quickly!

    • Matt Ebarb says:

      Dear Concerned Cosplayer,

      Yes, we allow masks. 🙂 If you’re asked to remove it briefly for identification purposes by staff or campus officials, please comply. As long as you aren’t engaging in behavior that is in violation of convention or Evergreen campus policy, no one should say anything to you.

    • Matt Ebarb says:

      Yes, but please be aware we have a zero-tolerence policy regarding horseplay with props.
      Do not swing it, point it at anybody or hit anybody with it. You can raise it to pose for a photo.
      If you have any further policy questions, please see our props and cosplay policy.

    • Matt Ebarb says:

      Since we’re on a college campus and ran by the college, we can’t set age restrictions. We have to treat our attendees like any other visitor to the college. Attendance without an adult is at the discretion of the parent, as we can’t watch children. That said however, in the event that they need something, both our staff and campus police will be present and available to assist. All we ask is that anyone attending understand our convention rules and policies which are listed on the site.

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