We are now accepting portfolios to determine our 2020 poster artist.. Enter for fun prizes–our poster artist will win a 6 foot Artist Alley table at Chibi Chibi Con 2020!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place poster contest winners for 2019!
Artist are MAEBATAME, Zeitara, and PokuriMio respectively.

1 poster by MAEBATAME - 1st place 2019poster by Zeitara - 2nd place 2019poster by PokuriMio - 3rd place 2019

Poster for Chibi Chibi Con 2018 done by BLUSHYPIXY!


Poster for Chibi Chibi Con 2017 done by artist MINTY M!

ccc mascot_updated.jpg

Don’t forget to check out the posters and flyers from our previous years:

Our poster for Chibi Chibi Con 2016 done by artist Soren Kalla!

Chibi-Chibi-Con (1)


CCC13 poster wo mascot formatted
chibichibi deviant poster Final2printit
Chibi Chibi Con 2012
CCC 2011 Flyer 02 copy
ChibiChibi Con 10 Flyer copy

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