CCC Volunteer Code of Conduct

  1. Stay kind, stay friendly! As volunteers we ask that you keep a cordial and professional response to all attendees to ensure everyone is comfortable and happy.
  2. Be sure to check-in at the info booth when you arrive, and attend to your hours as assigned.
  3. Please adhere to all rules provided in our convention code of conduct:
  4. Be sure to know and revise the rules including the cosplay guidelines: so you can comfortably address any issues you see at the convention.
  5. If you see any prop weapons that are not peacebonded, please send the attendee to the info booth for peace bonding.
  6. If you run into any issues, emergency situations, or aggressive/rude response to you addressing problems, be sure to message the Discord and the coordinators or managers will respond accordingly with either sending another volunteer to help or coming themselves to aid you.